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Retiring Early to start House sitting

Could I really retire early?

Retiring early was never something I’d thought possible. In fact Gordon had always said (rather cheekily) he could have five easy years as a kept man when he retired, before I reached the magical age and joined him.

However that boat  sailed fairly quickly when I was introduced to the concept of house sitting last year. The clouds of the future parted as I saw a way that would allow us to retire early & still be able to travel within our very much reduced retirement budget. (in approx. 39 months)

While cycling the gorgeous Otago Rail Trail over Easter 2016, we stayed with a retired couple in a delightfully renovated Miner’s Cottage. Over stories shared during the evening meal, they regaled us with wonderful tales of their adventures house sitting around the world and the joy it brought to their retirement. I had no doubt – that was the retirement life I was looking for.
After months of investigating all options Trusted House sitters was the winning  organisation for me and we signed up. This month we are embarking on our first two house sits. I am soo excited! Watch this space for updates on how it all goes.


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