About Us

If you want to change your world you need to change your story. Michael Morgolis


I’m Pam, a Children’s Librarian and Book Awards Judge from New Zealand. In 2015 my partner, Gordon and I, took our first trip to Europe and have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. With no children left at home, we are planning early retirement to start a life of adventuring and to pursue our dream of seeing more of the world. So right now we’re rewriting the script of our lives to make this happen! We love meeting new people and visiting new places. We are not keen on sitting in impersonal hotel rooms and love the idea of being part of village/town life.

Someone told me recently that it takes three years  to prepare well for retirement. So,  with 39 months to go, we’ve begun the planning process. We’re clearing out the bookshelves and working out what retirement will look like for us.

Trusted Housesitters

With that in mind we joined  Trusted Housesitters . With them we get to stay in someone’s home, potter in their garden, walk & enjoy their pets and chat over the fence to neighbours, in foreign lands all over the world – what could be better?

On this website we plan to share our experiences & the fun we have along the way, offering hints & tips to inspire you to work out your own plan hopefully! Given that I’m a librarian, two of our children are chefs and one is training to be a Sommelier  – books, food and art will appear in abundance in our posts. We’ll share about the places we’ve been, what worked and what didn’t. We’ll include links we used to help make things happen or to make travel easier.

We don’t do high end travel. We like to live and move like the locals – the cheapest way we comfortably can – with the odd treat thrown in. We like to go off the beaten track, find hidden gems, do unusual things – we want to share these with you.

Last time Gordon & I navigated our way through Europe we did so towing a 30kg bag each. With most of our rooms in Italy and France leading up narrow stairways with no lifts available, we learned early there were changes to be made! Keep an eye on our blog posts that will hopefully prevent you making the same mistakes as us.