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Changing the view!

Thursday – the day I tanned and got skinnier overnight.
I could be considered something of a late bloomer when it comes to getting into my groove – but about now my ideal life is gradually revealing itself. As I stride confidently toward 60 I’m actually figuring it out.
Basically I’ve realised I’m not interested in ordinary.
About to head off to the tropics for a family wedding, recently I made the bold decision to take another step forward & leave pasty, dead jellyfish me behind – I booked in for my first full body tan.
With that decision I learned that when you take a step forward, the view changes.
Half an hour spinning nakedly in a shower booth, revealing all my glory to a young pert glowing nymph as she coated me in chocolate, was worth it. Even if I revealed dum dums (a favourite term of my Manx granmothers) sagging to my knees & my body loudly shouting about why overweight people shouldn’t wear g strings – I feel more confident, skinnier, younger and instantly toned.
What a rush.
Beats the gym hands down!

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