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Don’t wait for retirement – Put yourself in good places

Today I put sticky notes all over my computer to remind myself of the value of “being present” in all that I do.

While I’m looking forward to retirement I don’t want to live the next 34 months only “looking forward”. I’ve become a list maker. I’ve started considering everything I’ve always wanted to do, but for various reasons haven’t managed to fit into my life, and am having a go now.

I’ve stopped  thinking “when I retire….”

Take last week – I signed up for a Wine & Sign evening at a local restaurant/cafe with 20 other fledgling artists hoping to find their creative inner being. On arrival I was handed a sparkling glass of Prosecco and welcomed to an evening of drinking creatively. We began with a blank canvas, shown a picture we were (hopefully) going to recreate and encrouraged to enjoy every moment of the experience. It felt a little like painting by numbers and I worried how I was doing until we hit the first “drink & dry” break. This was an opportunity to let the paint dry while we topped up our glasses and wandered the room to see how everyone else was fairing. It amazes me how we all produced something so different from exactly the same instructions.

While many people knew each other, I didn’t know a soul, so I needed to put myself out there, and as I often find in these types of situations, having something in common brings a sense of unity and we were soon chatting happily, getting to know each other a little better- at least for the evening.

Following my antics on Facebook, my older sister boldly suggested I was a Van Gogh in the making – I can only assume she was referring to his work as an impressionist – capturing an image of an object as you would see it if you just caught a glimpse – as any longer a look at my masterpiece would reveal clues that I’m very much in training and not destined to be a realist painter.

But for me, it was a step in the right direction, solidifying my philosophy of ensuring ‘the things I want to do in the future – I do daily now!

On hearing of my latest fun excursions, a work collegue said to me recently”You’re not retired yet Pam…” .as I said to her “I’m not waiting”.

One of my lists includes things that bring me joy and I’m trying to do these on a regular basis.For example, I long to spend my days travelling; to explore new and exciting places.That’s not possible at the moment as Gordon and I both need to work, so daily I look for opportunities to put myself in good places – by the sea, an art gallery or any other lovely and inspiring place so as to enjoy where I am in this moment in time.

I’ve done all sorts of things today. We plan to replace the kitchen & bathroom before we retire, but in the meantime we spent the day painting the neglected window frames so they look half way decent. Taking a different route on our daily walk I discovered some appealing garden spaces people have created as hidey-holes in the middle of the city. There are other things I meant to do, but the day is over.

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