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New Plymouth – the new Melbourne?

It was a break in the weather that brought the opportunity for us to don coats and venture out into the fresh Taranaki afternoon. It was Day One of our New Plymouth house sitting weekend & we wanted to take our 10 month old little charges out to run off some energy.Ensuring our little puffballs were ensconced in their wet weather attire,  we decided to check out the centre of town to enjoy any new street art that had appeared since last we looked. If orange is the new black in 2017 as fashion experts tell us, then New Plymouth is fast becoming the new Melbourne.

For the last few years Kiwi’s by the droves have been heading to Melbourne, Australia to enjoy the city’s  graffiti art scene in the hidden laneways, while also indulging in it’s vibrant and exciting food culture – us included –  but what many don’t realise is that New Plymouth is developing it’s own art & food vibe.

Best kept Secret

Until last year, the city had been New Zealand’s best kept secret, but with Taranaki being named the 2nd best region in the world,in  Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017, New Plymouth is fast becoming a must visit destination. That’s because there is sooo much to do here – no matter your interests. Honestly,  I don’t know anywhere else in the world where you can be snowboarding on the mountain in the morning, pop home for lunch and be surfing in the afternoon – something my boys did often growing up.

As we made our way toward town, I recalled that it was in Europe that I learned the value of walking. Integrating walking into our day allowed me to indulge in all the goodies on offer from the many patisseries we passed and meant we discovered hidden gems around every corner.New Plymouth is a great walking city so it’s something we’ve kept up as a daily routine since coming home.

Unlike Europe, where dogs can go anywhere, even into shops! –  dogs aren’t allowed in our city centre, so while Gordon entertained the girls  I made a quick tour of the alleyways searching for new street art.  This growing movement is having a colourful impact on our public spaces.



In our “about us” I promised you FOOD. We have a couple of special places in this area where we often call into. At both the coffee is great (important for Kiwis) & the food is delish!  Chaos, and The Market are our two favourites close by.( We received no free coffees for this post by the way – just sayin)

With deteriorating weather we headed back to our house sit, where a luxurious spa awaited us out on the deck!




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