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Taking retirement for a test drive

Shopping Issues

Last Thursday I decided I should test drive this retirement idea. Why? Well let’s face it the transition may take a bit of practice.
I had the day off on Friday so I did a bit of research & worked out what the NZ government offers for those entering that golden age.
After doing all the sums, I figured I had this in the bag. I had been a single mum with 4 kids after all – economising was my second name.
Unfortunately, given it was my day off on Friday, I went shopping.
By evening I was confessing to Gordon that I’d blown my retirement allowance for the week.
Saturday evening I was back in the confessional – I’d blown Gordon’s allowance as well.
It seems I may need a bit of practice. After all the idea is to  ease into retirement.
I’m encouraged by the memory of a song I sang to my children…“Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect. The more that you practice the better you’ll be”
I think I’ll stop practising spending money  & perhaps this week I’ll experiment with saving!


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