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Wellington, New Zealand

I’m pleased to say that on our most recent trip to windy Wellington, it did not live up to its name. As we wandered along the waterfront from our hotel on Oriental Parade we enjoyed the sights of a city by the sea – much like at home but on a larger scale. On many of my past visits it was not unusual to take one step forward and three backward, the wind can be that strong!
What a treat to come down the airport runway straight on,  instead of the usual sideways tilt!
We meandered along the waterfront, as busy commuters strode purposely past us on the way to their office jobs – such a nice feeling!
Our early morning flight meant breakfast in the Capital. I’d booked ahead to have my hair done in preparation for the 2017 New Zealand Children’s and YA Book Awards later that day, so we headed for the salon in the hopes of finding somewhere nice to eat close by.

We discovered a delightful eatery in The Old Bank building –  what a find  – it’s peppered with specialty shops & worth a visit. With still another 8 kilos to lose I  boldly stepped out of my comfort zone & ordered what turned out to be the most delicious Chia porridge with bananas and maple syrup. It came with a decadent jug of fresh cream on the side -no hope for the 8 kilos here! I’ve never tried Chia before but I certainly plan to enjoy it again. I like my food with a bit of texture I’ve decided.Wellington does many things well, and books is just one of them. If you love books as much as me, then make sure to pick up the city’s Book Guide. It is your very own map to some fascinating book shops, author haunts and residences that will keep you happily hunting for hours.

Ok so as it happens, the beautiful weather didn’t last. The black clouds invaded and after a couple of hours book buying at the best Graphic Comic shop in New Zealand , we retreated back to our hotel. All thoughts of making it to the War Memorial Museum to see Peter Jackson’s efforts at The Great War Exhibition, went by the board. We had made it to the museum but were a tad soggy,  so I watched it fade away in the rear vision mirror of the taxi as we headed back to the hotel. I guess we’ll save that for another trip.

The next day turned out to be one filled with Orcs, thunderbirds and mortal engines.Another early morning start meant the sun had no time to exert its influence over the temperature, and we headed off to take in two sight seeing tours at Weta Workshops wrapped in layers of Merino. This was a trip long overdue.With no family or close friends to visit in Wellington, it is mostly what we call our transit city. We are usually here for 1 day meetings, to fly out of or to catch the South Island ferry. So taking in the sights is rare.
Any experienced tour takers know the guide can often make or break the experience. We won the lottery with Weta technician, Matt – our guide for the morning. The Weta Cave tour was great. Matt’s hands on knowledge of the work behind the scenes of Peter Jackson’s epic movies made this a tour not to be missed. If you are ever in Wellington do not hesitate – pay the money and go! For us though, it was the mini Thunderbirds tour that took our breath away. By the time we had completed this 2nd 45 minute tour WOW had become the only word in my vocabulary. Gordon was in his element, finally having his childhood dreams come true as he sat at the controls of his favourite rocket – Thunderbird 2!
But the icing on the cake for me was when Matt asked if anyone had read Philip Reeve’s, Mortal Engines series. HELLO, that is only the best YA steampunk series ever!
Evidently Peter Jackson agrees. Presently Weta is working on a movie as we speak. How did I miss that bit of info? Time I revisited that series before the movie breaks – Andrew you need to get the ebook for on ship – I’ve got my weekend sorted!




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